According to police, Namutebi Susan went to visit her friend Muwonge Douglus who decided to take her to his rented room number 9 at Annie’s Lodge in Nankulabye Zone 5.

After making love Muwonge pretended to move out for a drink little did she know he was inviting in his friend Ategeka George. Susan was forcefully raped and later Muntu Ronald a colleague was called too who equally left the girl extremely sexually used.

As she screamed loud, this prompted the security guard who rushed into the room to the woman’s rescue and arrested the two boys. Residents alerted Old Kampala Police team that immediately swung into action and contained the situation. On searching, one was found in possession of six chloroformed handkerchiefs and about 20 packets of razorblades

The suspects were charged of rape and files sent to the Resident State Attorney for advise. CRB 849/2017.

It is suspected that the trio’s aim was to use(rape) and kill in order to eliminate any evidence incriminating them.