Criminals in Uganda are turning to an old crime of cattle theft. The high price for beef is behind the surge in livestock theft, and that’s putting some livestock farmers on edge.

In Kyengera a Kampala suburb, cattle started disappearing one by one in the past months. At first farmers thought they had just wandered off but over 40 cases of cattle theft were reported at the different police stations under Nsangi Division.

On Saturday the thieves stole a heifer and stuffed it into a suspected stolen vehicle (Mark II Registration number UBB 981F) however was intercepted and occupants arrested by police officers at the snap check point.

After a thorough questioning session the three suspects led police to their home where over 30 decomposing cow hides, six fresh skins and tails were recovered buried in the house backyard.

The suspects identified as Brian Kiyimba, Sharif Serunkuma and Umar Bamweyana have confessed to having been involved in activities of animal thefts from different farmers and led us to their self made abattoir. We discovered that the trio used this home as a slaughter and supply base to different butcheries in Kyengera.

This arrest was the result of a combined effort from the rural crime prevention teams, local leaders and the area police.