By Watchdog reporter

Today police has allowed NRM women to demonstrate in support of amending article 102 (b) which calls for the lifting of the age limit thus allowing President Yoweri Museveni rule beyond 75 years of age.

The women clad in t-shirts marked with words ‘Tutereze article 102 (b)’were seen moving in town unbothered by police officers.

Of recent, the constitutional amendment has been a hot topic among Ugandans whereby a number of citizens especially those of the opposition are opposed to the move by government.

Last month Uganda’s oldest political party the Democratic Party (DP) launched a campaign known as ‘Tojikwatako’ aimed at halting government plan of lifting the age limit as well as the land amendment bill.

During the launch, a number of DP members including the party president Norbert Mao were arrested and shortly detained at Central Police Station before being released.