By Najibu Mulema
Former Juventus midfielder has struggled for consistency since his arrival back at Old Trafford, and his boss feels he could thrive in a deeper role
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho believes Paul Pogba has all the attributes to be a “phenomenal central

Debate has raged since Pogba’s world-record move to Old Trafford over his best position as his form has fluctuated
since the start of the season.
He has mostly been used as a central midfielder by Mourinho, though many pundits believe he should be played
further forward.

But the former Chelsea boss feels the France international could thrive if deployed further back in his formation.
“He’s a top player and I think he could be a phenomenal central defender, with the quality of his pass, his aerial
game, his agility in such a big body,” he told Sky Sports .

Rooney’s demise makes exit inevitable “For the defensive side of the game, coming from the back with the ball he could be a phenomenal central defender. He can play in so many positions.”