By Faridah Nakazibwe

Some years back, it was almost inconceivable to see a Ugandan lady asking for marriage under any circumstance. It was believed that guys should have the exclusive obligation to ask ladies out and in turn ladies should instinctively play hard to get. However, the wheels have turned as new Ugandan ladies have come forth with the 21st century.

These new set of ladies, assisted with more western social skills and latest technologies such as social media can now ask guys out/Marriage openly without any reverence. Some of these ladies even go to the extent of offering to cover financial or wedding expenses of any guy they want to ask for marriage.

Many guys now have the luxury of not asking any girl out before meeting their missing rib. So, it begs the question, should ladies still play hard to get for the guys willing to ask them out or should they let go of such mindset.
Is playing hard to get really in the interest of ladies any more? Some guys are shy to approach a lady for serious relationship talks would you ask him out as a lady especially if he is handsome but don’t know how to talk to you?