President Kizza Besigye kneeling to greet Alice Bwita, widow to Mzee James Bwita (Bwitonyetsire) who died aged 84. Besigye visited the Bwita family at the ancestral home in Kabwoma village, Rukungiri district, to condole with them following the death of their patriarch.

Bwita was one of the oldest vibrant FDC supporters in Rukungiri; having been the founder member of Reform Agenda in 2001.

Besigye last visited Mzee unannounced on 25th, May 2018 where Bwita expressed fear that he would die before Museveni leaves power.

“Hona mazima Besigye naza kufa ndeke Museveni omu State House?”, translated “Besigye, I am going to die before Museveni is ousted from State House?”, he questioned.

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Bwita died a month later on 4th July 2018. At the time of his death, Besigye was out of the country on official duties.

Source: Ronald Muhinda’s Facebook page