By our reporter

James Akena, a Reuters news agency photo journalist has said he’s in too much pain following the beating he suffered at the hands of security people on Monday morning.

Mr Akena was going about his work covering the Free Bobi Wine protests which hit Kampala city, but despite carrying a monster camera, visible even to the biggest fool in the line, still security officers sorrounded him, and beat him up as if he was carrying a stone or weapon of war.


He posted later, “Am in total pain and require a ct scan for head injuries. Thanks for standing with me.”

The beating of Akena and arresting of NTV journalists has been condemned widely.

The police and soldiers are making it a habit to arrest media people covering events which they know make them unpopular.

  • Last week two NTV journalists were arrested in Arua for coverage of the arrest of MPs from their hotel. A week later similar scenarios played out in the capital, Kampala.