St. Mary’s stadium, the home of Vipers Sports Club continues to become a better facility every other passing day and the recent developments have given it an appealing look.

The state of the art facility was on Tuesday unveiled to the media with several new changes made ahead of the new season. Club President, Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa before taking the media around the ground for a tour explained the new changes on the stadium.

“We have made several changes from the playing surface, drainage, dressing rooms and setting arrangement to make sure we give our stadium a better look. We have had a challenge with the playing surface and was deemed not fit to host international games but that is solved now.” He stated.

The new playing surface is Astro turf, Generation 3(G3) class that is fit enough to host both local and international games.

The President indicated that the reason behind going for artificial turf rather than natural grass was the short time between off season and the new season plus longevity.

“We sat as Vipers SC and took a decision to go for artificial turf two months back because we knew the season was a few days away and we wanted to have our facility ready because we do not want to shift to other places. Besides, this turf laid can last for over 40 years meaning it will serve for a long time.” Said Mr. Mullindwa.

The other changes on the stadium is the north wing that is now fully seater. This is the side usually occupied by students. There is also a special media tribunal set up for the press during games.

He further went ahead to reveal that the stadium will be developed in three stages, two of which are now completed.

“We have a target to have the stadium developed in three stages. The first was to put up the facility. Secondly, we have worked on the playing surface and the third step will be to install floodlights so that we can be able to host games at night. We have the commitment to develop the game of football and facilities are important. This is an investment that will not make returns but a stadium that will exist for many years and benefit a lot of people. ” He revealed.

The club is as well working hand in hand with the local authorities to make sure the roads around and leading to the stadium are also tarmacked.

The Club President also told the media that the Vipers SC harbors plans of forming a formidable academy that will help in the organic growth of players and feed the main team.

“As a country, we lack a formidable and credible academy that caters for the proper growth of a player organically. So in the near future, we shall have an academy with all facilities and this will act as a feeder to our main team.”

The Venoms will start the Uganda Premier League title defence at home this Friday against Ndejje University Football Club.