By our reporter

Makerere University is proving to be a den of sex predators.

Barely a month after exposing Professor Swizen Kyomuhendo, a lecturer at the Social Works and Social Sciences faculty (SWASWA) for preying on his female students, another university staff has been busted for the same erroneous habit.

In the leaked photo, the university administrator is seen going down on the student while in his office.

The university administrator, who is reportedly in the hands of police now, sexually harassed a one Njoroge Racheal Njeri on 13 April, 2018 as she went to certify her transcript.

As he assumed office last year, the University Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe vowed to deal with any staff involved in asking for sex in exchange for marks or any form of favoritism.

Nawangwe warned that whoever has continued to engage in the acts of sex for marks will face it rough in his era.

“Time of sex for marks at Makerere is now over in my era. We have been dismissing and disciplining those implicated in the vice. We have also sent a message that the university must have a zero tolerance to this vice and I have warned everybody in my public presentations that the time for dilly dallying is over. Now is time for serious action,” he said.