By our reporter

When the fuel prices go high, there is likelihood that it could have a ripple effect on the economy

Since this year started, petrol prices have been progressively increasing leaving many Ugandans wondering what’s really going on in the country.

Last year around December, petrol prices stood at shs3,650 and diesel at shs3,100.

However two weeks into the new year, the prices shot to shs3,850 for petrol and shs3,300 for diesel and now the prices have continued to increase to shs4,030 and shs3,450 for petrol and diesel respectively.

Recently while talking to NTV, the Managing Director of Total Uganda, Florentin de Loppinot said that the major cause of high prices is the increased crude oil prices on the international market and the tension in Kenya during the recently concluded election.

Florentin believes there is a silver lining behind the high prices in crude oil.

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