By Najibu Mulema
Peter Mukhebi is now the head of the African Express Airways agency in Uganda, replacing Oscar Semawele of Sema Aviation Services.
African Express Airways is the largest and oldest privately owned airline in East Africa.
Watchdog has learnt that Mukhebi’s appointment follows deteriorating business for the airline in the country.
Last month, the Managing Director of the Nairobi-based African Express Airways, Capt Musa H. Bulhan decided to terminate commercial relations between the airline and Sema Aviation Services.
In a letter dated October 24, 2016, addressed to the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Uganda, Bulhan stated: “We would like to inform you that Mr. Oscar Sema of Sema Aviation Services, who was our representative in Uganda, no longer maintains any direct or indirect relationship with us with immediate effect.”
Through another letter on the same date, addressed to different agencies and departments at Entebbe airport, including the Immigration office, Das Handling Services and the Uganda Revenue Authority, Bulhan confirmed Mukhebi as the new African Express Airways Representative in Uganda.
“On behalf of African Express Airways, kindly accept this letter as a formal introduction of Mr. Peter Mukhebi as our only representative in Uganda with immediate effect, from now on he will be in charge of all our commercial and operational matters in the country,” Bulhani stated.
The letter also presented Mukhebi’s key staff at Entebbe. Norman Kampororo is the Station Manager while Jonathan Segawa heads the Sales and Marketing department.
Mukhebi is the founder of Mukhebi Group Limited based in Nairobi. The group has over 10 limited companies with focus mainly around Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Its core business areas include travel, tourism and cargo handling Mukhebi is entitled to handle the airlines’ commercial and operational matters in the country.
The African Express Airways was founded in 1984 by Capt. Bulhan. From Entebbe it flies to Nairobi and Mogadishu three times a week.