By our reporter

Last Monday, heavily armed men who identified themselves as Internal Security Organization (ISO) agents, raided and kidnapped two employees of Huawei Uganda (a contractor of MTN Uganda) from MTN Towers.

The employees were later forced to grant them access to MTN Data centre in Mutundwe, a suburb of Kampala where they proceeded to forcefully disconnect four servers.

While addressing the media today, MTN Board Chairman Charles Mbire said “ At the Data Centre there were  several attempts by the intruders to log into MTN Uganda’s servers over a period of two hours. The efforts were unsuccessful because of MTN Uganda’s robust information security systems and no data was accessed or compromised by the intruders,”

According to Mbire, the incidents were captured on their CCTV cameras and the footage has been shared with Uganda Police.

The chairman revealed that MTN formally reported the matter to Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) as well as opened a case at CID Headquarters in Kibuli under reference number GEF 727/2018.

Mbire also noted that they take the criminal incident seriously and they are working with government to establish the identity and motive of the perpetrators and bring them to account.