By Waswa Tenywa

Islam Hope Association in conjunction with Uganda Muslim supreme council disability desk on Thursday organized a one day workshop for the Muslim persons with disabilities to teach them about how they can survive in communities.

During the workshop which was held at Uganda Muslim supreme council headquarters in Kampala, disabled Muslims were taught how they can establish own small jobs including shoe cleaning, local shoe manufacture mats making and other things that can help them survive.

While opening the workshop, the secretary for social services at Uganda Muslim supreme council sheikh Ali Muhammad Aluma said they decided to put-up the disabled desk at UMSC to enable the Muslim disabled people improve their standards of living as they were not catered for in the past at UMSC.

Aluma promised to work hand In hand with the Muslim PWD leaders to improve their well being.

‘’its our mandate to empower them and the desk we put-up for the disabled Muslims was first put in place at the headquarters of UMSC and within a short period we shall setup the same desks at the different levels’’, said Aluma.

Meanwhile the deputy mufti of Uganda Sheikh Abdallah Semambo who closed the one day workshop appealed to the disabled people to stop undermining themselves there informing them that God didn’t create them the way they are because he didn’t love them but he wanted the to worship him and argued them to stop thinking they can only survive through begging arguing them to mind about setting up small businesses which will help them prosper.

Deputy mufti stressed that they are better than many able people and they should think of these and keep themselves happy.

Sheikh Semambo thanked the teachers who taught the congregation in the one day long workshop and promised them support from Uganda Muslim supreme council.

Meanwhile Hajji Ramadhan Mugalu the UMSC secretary general has argued disabled Muslims to discover and know themselves and where they are going as God prepared for everybody in the world.

He appealed to them to stop separating themselves from other people because this will let many things pass by them.

‘’People with disability in Uganda have failed to learn what they do and this has hindered them from entering many jobs just because they undermine themselves’’, said mugalu.

Mugalu says the PWDs should accept what God has given them and stop feeling the inferiority if they are to improve their lives.

He added that Muslims in the country constitute a percentage of 14% as per the country’s latest population census but the PWDs constitute a percentage of 20% on the Muslim percentage which indicates that they are less and to this they should endeavor to stimulate themselves.