By our reporter

An aggrieved patient has come out to accuse UMC- Victoria Hospital Bukoto for discriminating their clients according to their races.

Posting on her Facebook wall, Mary Immaculate Dinymoi revealed that on Tuesday while at UMC Hospital she experienced discrimination in form of racism orchestrated by a one Dr. Sharad Badade, an orthopedic consultant of Indian decent.

According to Immaculate, four years back she was diagnosed with a chronic ache and she was using pain killers until on Tuesday when she decided to visit UMC-Victoria Hospital following a severe pain.

While at the reception, she was quickly cleared to see a consultant.

All was well until when she went to Dr. Badade’s office to be checked.

After forwarding her file to the Dr. Badade’s office, Immaculate was told that will be worked on shortly.

But to her dismay, the doctor just locked his office and kept her waiting for almost two hours.

As she was waiting for the consultant, another patient with an Indian decent also came and joined Immaculate on the waiting chair.

Dr. Badade

What broke the camel’s back is when Dr. Badade came back only to attend to a fellow Indian who came after Immaculate.

On trying to explain to Dr. Badade that he should work on her first since she has been waiting for him for over two hours, Immaculate was instead ill treated by the consultant.

Immaculate wrote;

Today i experienced discrimination in the form of racism and you guys, when Arinda Daphine said it hurts like a thousand daggers, it really does.

I was diagnosed with a chronic back ache four years ago, and i have since been managing it with this or that pain killer. In the past week or so, the back ache has been very severe. This morning, I decided to go get checked and perharps get a second opinion

UMC-Victoria Hospital-Bukoto

1:30pm. I check into the hospital. At the reception, an Indian woman demanded to be served immediately as she was in a hurry. An African, i presume Ugandan, man passively commented that, “we are used” (to the favouritism). I got served after and I was asked to follow one of the staff to the Orthopaedic surgeon’s office. At this point am thinking “this hospital, is IT. Good customer care, professionalism, quick service. Wow, Just wow. This is going to become my hospital.

1:40pm. In comes Dr Sharad Badade, a consultant Orthopaedic of Indian decent. My file is forwarded to the Consultation room. Am informed that he will attend to me shortly. Dr Sharad Badade steps out of his office, takes one look at me, locks his office and walks away. At this point am thinking, well maybe he is taking a bathroom break. Thirty minutes later, scratch that, maybe he took a lunch break.

2:55 pm. One hour and 15 mins later, an Indian woman is directed to the same office. When the staff (forwarder), finds the door locked, she tells the Indian woman to wait patiently as she calls the doctor. I kid you not, the doctor was back, unlocking his office within the minute.

Phewks….my file came first, so i will definitely be dealt with first, right? Well that is not what happened. Indian woman stands up and walks in. I immediately follow her in, to inform her, and (remind the doctor) that i have been waiting for almost one and a half hours, and that she found me there.

The consultant, well he immediately asked me if i didn’t see that he had a patient in. I politely and calmly told him that i clearly saw that. I also added that i was there first, and that my file was on his table even before he left, and that i have waited almost one and a half hours already. Dr. Sharad then told me that he didn’t care and that I should step out of his office immediately. My eyes flew wide open and i shook my head in disbelief. Dr Sharad, well, he raised his voice, told me that I have no business making faces in his office, and ordered me out of his office immediately. He said that whatever my complaint, i should let him finish with his patient. A lump started to form in my throat, as tears welled up in my eyes. I asked for my file and walked out of his office…..and out of the hospital

Dr. Sharad Badade, you ruined a perfect review.