My name is Prof Simeon Kayiwa, of Kayiwa International University and head of Namirembe Christian Fellowship. My ministry is 40 years old this year(1977-2017). I am both Spirit -filled and a deep theology academic, among other things. Other things go without saying.

I would like to respond to some people’s querry on my decision to visit Pastor Bujingo and to humbly propose a Christ-like approach to some issues concerning his ministry. I concluded that Bujingo has a deep passion for Christ.

My way is to love, help and support him as much as possible rather than alienate and crash his soul. Today is not the end of the world yet. I am not supporting him because he is perfect, which none of us is in God’s sight (John Ch 8), but because like all of us he is imperfect.

Imperfect though we are, we too all the same are surely children of Abraham (Luke Ch 19). The degree of childness, at which we may vary from each other is a matter of the way Jesus regards us. I am sure though that Our spiritual health or ambiance would be but only when can stand firm before Our Father, knowing that our enemies are enjoying our love and forgiveness.

That is what I mean to be Christ-like and in my view why Jesus and Stephen decided not to die without this done before the eyes of posterity. Since this point need not be over-emphasized I went to support and help Bugingo motivated by this spiritual instinct.

I went there not to condone his imperfection or condemn and crash his soul but to provide a loving father to him from my 40-year ministry and faith in Jesus( 40 years not emphasized as a cardinal point). So, while there I requested us church, to stop these highly inflammatory arguments based on something which before God, the way it appears to me, is trivial through and through.

I mean regardless of all else that may be seated in our current mind, the major need in the body of Christ is love and development or mending of trust and then all people and things will be like Him.
Thank you.