By Lawrence Kazooba
Pentecostal pastors in Uganda have acquired many radio and television stations over the last decade, which is a good move. One would understand that these are tools used to evangelize the country as they have been spending a lot of money on buying airtime on various media to spread their message.
One of the prominent pastors building a media kingdom is David Kiganda who owns Kingdom Media. The stations are based at his church in Kisenyi. From our assessment, Kingdom radio and televisions have potential to rise up if left to run professionally.
News reaching our desk however indicates that the Kingdom ship has been hit by a storm, with managers citing unprofessional conduct from their directors.
In a space of only three days, the franchise lost three senior managers including a general manager.
The other two are the human resource manager and technical services manager. Reports we get say the managers left citing “lack of professionalism” by their governing board.
This is unprecedented as the three people have been instrumental in shaping the radio and television stations with a clear ambition of taking air space.
A whatsapp message rotating on social media makes a number of accusations which we shall leave out for the time being.
However we are astounded to hear that Bishop Kiganda promised reward of sh300,000 to anyone who gives him information about the source of the whatsapp message that spilled Kingdom media secrets.
“A reward of 0.3m is available with the MD to anyone who will help to disclose to us the original sauce/ creator of the bellow malicious message. Remember first come first serve,” the bishop stated.
Just before we go, the human resource manager suspected to have leaked the message badmouthing Kingdom has lost her car UAT 970Q. You may want to pray for her to recover her possession.