By Watchdog reporter

A Ugandan pastor with a big appetite for controversy has once again done it, though this time round, he is facing lots of heat.
Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer ministries located in Makerere, Kikoni on Easter Monday burned hundreds of Bibles because they miss some words found in his Bible version.
While preaching on Easter Monday, Bugingo told thousands of his followers that he wants to burn the bibles that mislead them.

Among the books he called out are Bible versions of The King James, the New Testament, and The Good News Bible.
The Ugandan pastor says those bibles don’t talk about Fasting and Lent among other things.
He also complains that they changed the words from “Holy Spirit” to “Holy Ghost” which he has a problem with.
And that was why he asked his followers to collect them and have them burnt since they would perish with their books if they don’t let them go.
However, many people have come up to criticize the pastor for this particular action, forcing his followers to deny Bugingo was nowhere near the Bible burning photograph.
Bugingo made a name as a critic for the lifestyle of fellow pastors, as well as their style of doing ministry which he said was money driven. Of recent he has fallen out with his partners, over what his rivals call fame and money.