By Watchdog reporter

In April controversial Pastor Aloysius Bugingo was in the middle of crossroad when he did the unthinkable of setting hundreds of Bibles ablaze citing that they were missing some contexts which are found in his Bible version.

His action gathered widespread criticism majoring from religious leaders who accused Bugingo of being a fake man of God. Some concerned citizens tried to pursue legal means to give Bugingo a lesson but the while issue vanished in the air like smoke.

Now the latest reaching our desk indicates that Pr. Bugingo is planning another hit back as he is busy mobilizing to burn more bibles once more.

We have learnt that The House of Prayer Ministries boss is organizing to burn 10,000 bibles which have missing verses next  Month.

Apparently the contentious pastor has collected over 700 Bibles in his pursuits to pre-empty all the Bibles, he believes carries sanatic verses. The pastor also announced plans to set up a printing press that will produce ‘‘verified’ bibles” which Christians can depend on.

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