By Kiyimba Bruno

Believers from Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s House of Prayer Ministries have accused their pastors for separating because of money.

Believers say the two pastors had money issues, and they had to settle them as mature people not the way they did since they are church role models.

Bugingo has one of the biggest Pentecostal churches in Uganda now, and has made a name for name-calling others pastors and other non born again churches.

“I do a lot of free work including pastoring, but all I get is Sh1m monthly yet the income of the church is massively big,” says Pastor Martin Sebuzi, who Bugingo accused of spying for a rival church.

Currently Pastor Sebuguzi has opened up a new church which has divided the followers, some following him as others stayed with Pastor Bugingo on the northern Bypass.

Historically the two pastors came from Redeemed Church of Pastor Sserwadda after realising that pastor Serwadda who used to be their senior pastor was making a lot of money from both the church and radio.

“I used to pastor and work in a radio as a presenter. But all I could get was ugx150,000 per month,” said Pastor Bugingo once revealed.

With a dream of doing something for themselves, the two pastors started up a new church using their radio connections, until they made their own Salt FM.

Finances increased in the ministry which had Bugingo as a brand name until they bought land in Kikoni Makerere.