By Watchdog reporter

For over a week Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries Church has been headlining news for allegedly burning Bibles which had words ‘’Holy Ghost” instead of “Holy spirit” saying that they were full of negative forces.

Many people including fellow pastors have come out condemning Bugingo’s act and some reached an extent of calling him a satanic agent.

However, during yesterday’s Sunday prayer services at Canaan land in Makerere, Kikooni, the pastor denied burning Bibles.

“The person who faked the bible burning scenes should have kidnapped me on gun point to show I am indeed the one who burnt the bibles“, he stated.

Bugingo said the circulating photos are not real, they are just intended to defame him.

“They just ‘added photos’ together and made allegations.  Who can burn the bible where we find the word that brings us together”, he defended himself.