By Mulema Najibu

Parliament recall petition gathers momentum as chief petitioners Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze is joined by more MPs led by independent Wilfred Niwagaba of Ndorwa East.
The others joining include Angelina Osege of the Public Accounts Committee chairperson and Hassan Kaps Fungaroo the shadow minister for defence.

The recall petition is being aimed at cancellation of recess for mps so that they can come back to the national assembly to discuss burning issues affecting the nation.

According to opposition MPs, Uganda was currently faced with an uncertain political situation, land wrangles especially in Bunyoro region, unending murder acts and conflicts in Kasese district.These issues need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Talking to Watchdog Uganda, Nambooze said, the petition seeks to ask Parliament to resolve the the political unrest in the Country which resulted from the non conclusive 2016 elections.

She further said that the regime appears to be stuck with Dr. Kizza Besigye and have now resorted to making his life in Uganda so miserable in order to force him into exile.

The plan to forcefully send Besigye to exile was reached after police realised that it couldn’t sustainably keep him away from millions of Uganda who get inspired by him to go against government since they find him a reliable rallying point.

MPs uniting under the Parliamentary forum on Constitutionalism and Rule of Law that was recently launched by Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of Parliament are to formulate a document that will ensure that the motion be taken as non- partisan where every member of parliament irrespective of his /her political cadreship, will engage in the advocacy for the well being of Ugandans.

Niwagaba said, he is to sit with the best brains to make best petition and motion worth using it to address all crucial events in the Country including all regional attached problems.

The recall petition to be successful needs 143 signatures from the Parliamentarians.