By Herbert Bukenya

Papa Cidy who made his name singing alongside regional superstar Jose Chameleone had some advice for fellow artistes when we caught up with him recently.

The artiste who is now born again and has chosen to practice his alternative trade of tailoring and fashion in one of the city’s suburbs says if it wasn’t for the tailoring and design he is doing now, he would probably be in a mess like Qute Kaye or even worse.

Papa Cidy said he is making as much as 8 million shillings in some months from designing and tailoring nice urban clothes for some of his high profile clients and celebrity friends, money he was not making from the music business.

He adds that it is actually from these earnings he will invest in a come back into the music business that he says is very capital intensive with limited rewards.

As a result Cidy advised all fellow musicians to make sure they acquire other skills and indulge in other businesses beyond the music they do to be safe in case the music is not doing well otherwise they may end up like Qute Kaye.

Cidy also called upon Qute Kaye to go back to church, repent, ask for forgiveness, fix his life and then if he wants he can join him too and learn how to make clothes which will make him some good money and keep him away from bad company and vices like stealing.