By Catherine Apolot

Sylvia Owori is just not about to sleep. Just recently, she got a bashing of a lifetime from Barbie Kyagulanyi’s army. Now, in a bid to remain relevant, Owori has now dragged Zuena Kirema into her mess, claiming she is an unsung hero.

For starters, the cyber war kicked off a few days ago when the fading fashion icon went bare knuckles and questioned why Barbie, wife of Kyadondo East MP Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi, was picked by the French Embassy to appear on Geopolitics Conference panel that was meant for Uganda’s most influential women.

Barbie was on the same panel with Ambassadors Deborah Malac and Stephanie Rivoal, former Uganda Investment Authority Executive Director Prof. Maggie Kigozi, former Leader of Opposition and Kasese Woman MP Hon. Winnie Kizza as Sarah Sali the, Dean, School of Women and Gender studies. Their discussion centered around the meaning of the word powerful women.

To Owori, Barbie does not have any quality of an influential woman and she is a typical ordinary Ugandan.

Her comments did not go well with Barbie fans. They vigorously attacked her left and right and probably she regretted why she had to pull such a move.

But as a veteran socialite who has seen it all, Owori refuses to bow to attacks and now she has dragged singer Bebe Cool’s wife into her mess.

In a praising Facebook post, Owori has claimed Zuena is an unsung hero whose efforts as an influential woman in the country should be recognized.

“Zuena is one of the most motivating women its true, She truly moves me. I feel that we need to equally celebrate such women who are truly encouraging and true trailblazers in truly inspirational ways,” she narrates.

Owori says she met Zuena in 2001 during the Eastern Region Tour of Miss Uganda and by that time the pageant was still new in that area but Zuena confidently took part irrespective of her modest height and young age. She says Zuena put up an excellent show to emerge winner of region though she never made it on top of the Miss Uganda final pageant.

“Zuena, a simple God-fearing down-to-earth soft-spoken woman with a soft spot for children and an industrious mother of six well-behaved children while running her fast growing baking and decorating business. All of this away from the most times misleading illusion behind stardust that we often run our businesses and lives in general these days” says Owori

“I think instead of seeing women as competitors, we should begin to see each other as collaborators and celebrating women that are doing fantastic stuff with or without the limelight. The ability to do this is often contingent upon our self-perception. If we see ourselves as strong, powerful and unique in our way, then we wont feel intimidated and threatened when another woman is walking in her truth, power, and virtuosity just like Zuena has done and continues do for after that night on Miss Uganda 2001 stage,” she adds

According to Owori, people should celebrate and put on a highest pedestal for others who continue to give life changing opportunities to young girls not Just the ones that are all about the hullabaloo of social media.

“It is at that moment we hopefully are capable of seeing how important we include perceived underdogs such as Zuena at Miss Uganda 2001 and other women’s importance to contribute to society no matter the level of KATALA they are currently having,” she says

However, Owori’s hallucinations have not moved social media critics rather Barbie fans who have again placed her where she belongs.

Read comments that are likely to send Owori packaging off Social media;

W Magina Joseph Slyvia..u think for yourself n it’s kind of sefish to continue citing cases that u as a person did or worked talking abt the miss uganda business… It’s great u did that with zuena but its nt that everyone should do the same things to inspire others..that’s clearly what makes everyone us different..and besides that…regardless what u say..time has really passed u n yr influence..we all go through this period of time..common rest yr case

Jacky-joan Tremaine Destiny Hehehe bad move old ragmummy zue wnt respond even…. Bwanaba akuyambye she will say “”thank u sylivia owori”” period….. Keep yo wars to yo self

Assumpta UG Peipe Of course a prostitute will be inspired by an ex prostitute not a lady like Barbie

Tracy Underwood Naye musilu gwe fight ur battles alone better leave Zuena Kirema alone muje mu gasiya wo

Bali Jay Bukenya But Sylvia surely someone woke up and advised u to come and post this useless missive; moreover bringing ur cyberwar games to your uninterested neighbours. Its the most unwise thing to do given the fact that ur percieved adversary just made one single “trailblazing” wellthought out comment. Cant you just get over yourself?

Marie’na Siera Mulindwa Your agemates the likes of Juliana, Irene, Zari are out there winning in life and you are just here looking for 15 minutes of fame off other people’s lives on social media .indeed class cannot be bought no matter

Zurah Nabunya Looks like the only ladies sylivia sees as motivational, inspirational nd celebrated r the ones she has seen on run-ways modeling during her era..
We got lots of women to celebrate, women in the slum mrkts, single mothers who struggle to see their kids thru school, women who handle men responsibilities … Nd more.. the fact that ths women r now talked abt one by one doesn’t make thm any lesser.
Wetegule siili… olabika otubidde.

Beckie Lister Woooweee nzeeeee.
Did I read “KATALA” and u say some pipo don’t inspire u….plz remind me….. Who sang dat song KATALA???
So better sit down ur faded self

Musinguzi Wilfred Woman ,just know your lane ,look for another rich msn to impregnate you if your current sugar daddy isn’t enough and leave people with national interests at heart to chase their goals

Dian Dian Am team barbie …for better for worse …u hve failed to settle ur #ASS down ur on the lady who doesnot care about ignorant haters ….go and be fucked by the dogs coz its what ur used to

Birungi Zulu Sylvia jst put one hand on yo chest, raise the other and say, Am a witch!