By Kiyimba Bruno

“If technology is applied efficiently, Uganda would save over 60% of the money that would have been used in elections”.

Those were the some of the words in the opening remarks of Crispin Kaheru, the coordinator at the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy (CCEDU) in a press briefing that was organized at their offices in Nsambya.

Kaheru stated that after the introduction of technology in the electoral process, there are many illegalities that the Uganda Communications Commission made by disconnecting innocent Ugandans from social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, whatsapp and many more which denied them their right of freedom of communication.

“There is no clear law that the UCC followed while disconnecting peoples social media platforms.” Noted Kaheru.

On this note Kaheru called upon the attorney General of Uganda William Byarugaba to come out and clearly update the nation on the progress made by the state in implementing the Supreme Court recommendations, since they are a matter of public interest.

Kaheru also requested the parliament to cooperate with all stakeholders in ensuring that he necessary legislation on the use of technology. Here, he went ahead to propose for electoral reform amendments among many more.

Charity Kalebo Ahimbisibwe, the, the communications and advocacy manager at CCEDU said that they have come up with the Game changers as a unique loose network of dynamic Ugandan civil society activists who are passionate about innovative advocacy ideas on human rights, democracy and good governance to provide a platform for synergy,cooperation,collaboration and sharing of best practices among CSOs in Uganda.

It should be noted that on 19th February 2018, CCEDU wrote a letter to president Yoweri Museveni highlighting the need for political and electoral  reforms before the next general elections.