By Najibu Mulema
Police has been heavily deployed in the middle of the city centre following the clash between vendors and the KCCA enforcement team.
The police is using teargas and rubber bullets to stabilize the city as businesses are at standstill.
Kampala City Council Authority insists to evict vendors off the streets of Kampala.
The battle started in the morning when KCCA enforcement team with the help of police officers tried to evict vendors and destroyed their merchandise without providing them with any alternative which annoyed the vendors and they started throwing stones at them thus sparking off a fight.
According to the vendors, they will not go anywhere until KCCA comes up with a favourable alternative which will cater for them as vendors.
On Monday, the Kampala city representatives led by the Lord Mayor proposed streets in the city on which vendors can ply their trade starting at 5.30pm. The proposal was sent to KCCA administration led by Jennifer Musisi to implement.
However Musisi’s team and the ministers of Kampala including Betty Kamya, say, they won’t allow vendors on the streets.
The divided opinion on several issues at City Hall between the government wing and the reps in councilors and mayors led by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is threatening the peace of the city and the clash in Kampala city centre on Tuesday morning spells more battles to follow.