The Kamuli Municipality Member of Parliament Hajjat Rehemah Watongola has urged Muslims to put much emphasis on educating their off springs so that they can fit in Uganda’s competition in both jobs and politics.

Hajjat Watongola also discouraged Muslims from participating in defiance acts that she says can destroy the existing peace in the country, hajjat also advised them on acquiring technical skills.

She made the remarks while officiating the donation of over 100 tailoring machines, 6 cows and 46 dresses to the residents of Kamuli municipality by the charity group called Good Hope Uganda at Emirates SS.

Meanwhile the Kamuli and buyende Muslim district kadhi sheik Ismail swabili kazibwe, emphasized peace at home level and appealed to the parents to endeavor educating their children.

The Muslim leader also appealed to Ugandans especially youths to keep themselves safe from HIV and endeavor going for testing.

Sheikh Hussein Mwase the leader of the charity group promised to continue working closely with the leaders in Busoga to promote the lives of the people in the region.

The beneficiaries meanwhile thanked the charity work of good hope Uganda.