By Kiyimba Bruno

Kiyimba. bruno@gmail. com

The Kampala International University(KIU) proprietor Hassan Basajabalaba has this afternoon urged the government of the republic of Uganda to increase on the number of slots that are given to students for scholarship awards.

Speaking this Basajabalaba was addressing parents and students on the 16th graduation ceremony that took place at the KIU main campus in Kansanga .

“The number of slots are very few if we want to have a high number of graduates” said Basajabalaba.

He went ahead to elucidate that the KIU Tanzania campus population is 60% sponsored by Tanzanian government as compared to 3% in Uganda.

The Omukama of Toro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru advised the university staff to equip the university with courses that concentrate on agriculture and technical.

” I believe that if more of the agricultural courses are available in the country, Uganda will be a better place” Said Oyo.

This time the total number of graduands was 1405 with the western campus in Ishaka having 756,Main campus in Kansanga having 631 yet the dream line Nairobi campus had 80 students.

35% of the graduands were female as 65% male. Of these 80% were Ugandans as compared to the 20% of international.