By Kiyimba Bruno

The chairman for the Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA) Deo Mutabaazi has clarified on allegations that the change of the league format of play shall be of inconvenience with the clubs participation.

Mutabaazi said that with the new format of play, UBSA under the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) have availed two new beach play grounds to enable the smooth running of the league.

“Our official venues are Mutoola, Lido and Spena beaches. These shall ease the way we play since each venue has its own fixture and match days,” Mutabaazi noted.

Unlike the previous league where clubs were grouped into two, the current beach soccer league is now played the English Premier League style.

“The law is very clear that if teams are not many, they shall be put into one group and play up to the time when the club with highest number of points takes it,” added Mutabaazi

It is on this note that Mutabaazi urged the club managers to take full control of their team’s participation since if any club does not fulfill the required criteria, it will automatically be kicked out of the league.

Mutabaazi also said Pepsi pulled out of the league because of demands from the soft drink which they could not fulfill.

“Pepsi wanted a league that is played throughout the country. By then we were just a growing sport,” Mutabaazi added.

He however thanked Pepsi for opening up their eyes that now UBSA can have clubs coming from Mbarara to play the league.

Currently Kiri Soda is on board as a league partner for providing beverages and according to Mutabaazi, if Kiri sees the goodness of the sport, they shall also come on board as league sponsors.