By Watchdog reporter

Opposition leaders want Gen Kale Kayihura to resign over police brutality.

Following IGP Kayihura’s utterances that he supports stick wielding police to beat up innocent civilians, the opposition has demanded for his resignation because he’s unfit to wear the uniform.

Norbert Mao, president general of the Democratic party has said, the police boss was out of order when he said police has devised beating as a replacement for teargas which he says civilians are used to it.

Mao says Kayihura was a disgrace to the police force as he has made it stoop so low.

Jeema president Asuman Basalirwa supported Mao, saying, beating unarmed people who came out to cheer on Kizza Besigye who had been released from prison was uncouth and uncalled for.

Police beat up Besigye supporters on Gayaza road, as he drove to his home in Kasangati early in the week after he was released on bail by the high court.

Again, police came out with full force to beat up people who had gathered at FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi.