By Najibu Mulema

The government of Uganda has been asked to hold the process of constituting the new Electoral Commission.

This call comes from the Forum for Democratic Change deputy president for the Eastern region, Alice Alaso who says the opposition and the civil societies previously demanded for electoral reforms to provide for an independent body to appoint members.

Recently President Yoweri Museveni nominated six members to the new commission and forwarded the names to the Speaker for parliamentary verification and approval.

However, Alice Alaso says the process should be more participatory and inclusive hence the need to hold what has been started.

“How can our neighbours in Kenya have managed it? If government has respect for the political stability of this country, the process needs to be halted and the reformed. The amendments, laws undertaken and then the subsequent appointment should be made,” says Alaso.
“That is our position, it’s the position of civil society, it’s the position of FDC and it’s the position of many many political actors in this country,” she added.

This comes at the time the interparty forum led Democratic party’s Matthias Nsubuga sits today, Monday, to come up with resolution in regard to the new commission which was appointed without their input as agreed earlier.