By our reporter

Yesterday singer Ronald Mayinja shocked the nation when he appeared among the tens of artistes who performed in Kiboga as NRM celebrated the age limit victory.

The fete was organized by government Chief Whip Ruth Nanakabirwa to congratulate the 317 MPs who voted for the removal of the presidential age-limit last year.

Mayinja is a renowned Democratic Party (DP) member and he is planning to stand for a political office come 2021 or ‘2023’ but he shocked his fellow opposition members when he showed up at the party which action was was least expected of him.

Apparently the opposition feel so disappointed with the singer saying he betrayed them thus tasking him to reveal the real side he belongs to.

“My best Artist Ronald Mayinja has sang for Mr. M7 in Kiboga as the 317 MPs celebrate the raping of the Constitution!!! I still don’t know what the action means. Just this week on Thursday, he sang for us in Jinja at Mwiru Paul’s rally. I don’t know how I feel,” posted Harold Kaija, FDC’s deputy secretary general, on his Facebook page.

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