By Moses Ntare

The Most of the opposition figures in the country and the strong men of the ruling party NRM party have stormed Rukungiri district ahead of the woman Member of Parliament by-election that is slated for May 31st.

The president of the republic of Uganda, who is the chairman of the national resistance movement party, has been in the district for two days, doing his best campaigning for NRM flag bearers, mostly Hon. Winnie Matsiko who was thrown out of parliament earlier in march this year.

She is contesting with other four candidates, including the highly anticipated Hon. Betty Bamukwasa Muzanira of the opposition side forum for democratic change and former minister for public service Hon Sezi Mbaguta.

AS of today, 30th of May, a day to the polling day campaigns are over. What happened in Jinja east constituency when the opposition figures camped the on the last day to campaign for Paul Mwiru (FDC) is what is exactly happening here in Rukungiri.

The opposition has stormed the district like bees. They say their victory cannot be stolen away from them.

Former FDC Party candidate Dr Besigye on his side hosts the opposition figures, Rukungiri being his home district and the district is taken to be the home of the party (FDC), because its founder (Dr. Besigye) is the son of the soil.

Victory in Rukungiri is very important for both sides, both FDC and NRM parties simply because for the former, it would prove that the district is the mother district of the party, something that would give hope to FDC party in other districts in the country and for the latter, the commander in chief spent over 5bn shillings recently in Rukungiri and victory there would prove that worth.

I can’t imagine FDC losing In Rukungiri, how about NRM party that spent there 5bn shillings for that cause?

It will be a sad story if NRM loses this by-election again after Paul Mwiru of Jinja East constituency and Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, aka Bobi Wine of Kyadondo East constituency.

1. Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye
2. Rtd.Gen. Mugisha Muntu
3. Patrick oboi Amuriat( FDC Party predident)
4. Kampala lord mayor Elias lukwgo
5. FDC secretary for mobilization Ingrid Turinawe.
6. Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Boboi Wine.
7. Leader of opposition in parliament Hon. Winifred kiiza
8. Hon moses Kasibante
9. Hon francis Mwijukye,
10. Hon mubrack Munyagwa,
11. Hon Roland kaginda .
12. Others expected later today.

Addressing their last rally at Kebisoni and Buyanja, Besigye wondered why the former security minister Henry Tumukunde still in NRM Party.

He said that as soldier he should know the power of people and stop intimidating them saying that he is General.

“Nobody loved Museveni and NRM better than me and Genaral Mugisha Muntu who have bullet scars in our chests but we said enough is enough to a government that don’t respect its people,” he said.