By Nakawooya Allen

We have realized high cost of living with limited income sources. Agriculture can supplement on your other sources of income, it’s a job you may look down but many people have gained a lot of money out of it.

Some are poultry farmers, fish farmers, and cash crop farmers have got money which somebody working in other company can’t earn monthly. So youth can put in more effort to gain a lot from it.

Being a farmer does not mean that you not educated, it actually mean that you a learned person because you know how to generate money than any other person seated that she or he is looking for a job. Never sit on your opportunity when you have land.

Dr Kayondo a resident of Kawempe and a retired medical doctor is now making ends meet through practicing farming.

He said, “An educated person is the best farmer, he can read and research all the means to ensure that he comes up with quality products, he or she can use internet among others to research about new good farming techniques,”

Engineer Lukabya a resident of Kawanda is cattle and crop farmer , he said “I have applied my engineering skills in farming , I can’t take my machine to a mechanic for repair, that a simple thing for me, we go to university to be enlighten which can help us to survive, if you have entered agriculture ,you ’re in a natural wealth, engineers like me, a lawyer or teacher can get involved in agriculture as he or she runs other businesses as far as his or her profession is concerned”.

Dr kayondo and and Engineer Lukabya urged energetic people to get involved in farming instead of crying that the job are scarce thus encouraging them to go in villages to utilizes their fathers vacant lands.