By Arinda W Nsheeka

I congratulate Hon. Betty Muzanira upon winning the tough by-election. Almost two years ago, Muzanira lost to Winnie Matsiko, and she fled to court. Little did FDC expect that the Muzanira’s victory would be annulled.

The chairman of the ruling party Gen.Yoweri K Museveni campaigned for NRM candidate, spending there his full two days. He did his best, I remember one time on a rally saying that only NRM candidates can reach and share on the national cake, I remember him saying that the opposition can only sabotage government projects that they have nothing developmental to the country.

I remember the commander in chief giving billions of money sometime back ahead of the by election, giving motorcycles and many other things.

But at the end of the day, NRM Party has lost the election to FDC’s Hon. Bamukwasa Betty Muzanira.

Rukungiri district to many is seen as a home district to the opposition. Why had Winnie matsiko maybe won previously? Why does Rukungiri still have Hon. Kebirungi Mary Paula Turyahikayo(MP for Rubabo County, NRM Party) IN Rukungiri district the home of the Opposition.

Then, FDC has little to celebrate; NRM party still has FDC party by neck, even in its home district. Has FDC Party ever won in Nyabushozi or Kazo constituencies in Kiruhura district? Then NRM winning in Rukungiri shows that FDC has more work to do.

FDC Party should sit down and lay down winning strategies for the whole country. Over 320 NRM legislators in parliament are so many to outweigh.

Rukungiri victory should be “food for thought” for FDC party. I don’t mean they shouldn’t celebrate that victory, but they should have had that seat before. They should have had that seat!