By Boston Pigeon Post

For the whole of last week, we decided to listen to goodlyfe  music  not because it’s the only music we had in store but we decided to do that for a month to mourn singer Mowzey Radio who passed on.  I understand we shall get other good musicians but we will not get another Mowzey Radio.

His death shocked his friends and haters in regard to circumstances which culminated to his loss. However, it’s evident that Ugandan musicians have learnt nothing from the mysterious death of such a big talent at a young age.

I was shocked to see the likes of Mesach Semakula, Eddy Kenzo and the rest under their umbrella of Uganda Musician’s association nailing radio presenter Kasuku for prophesizing the death of  Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, aka Mowzey Radio.  I would term that a slow journey to nowhere in efforts to stop the murdering of our great talents.

Our musicians need to understand that Radio did not die because of the words uttered by Kasuku on Dembe FM rather by violence which he got himself involved into and if the living artist cannot understand such a plain fact, then very soon we shall be out of talents.

The Ugandan musicians association shouldn’t be used to fight personal wars for some artistes and opportunists or else it may also end up like bodaboda 2010.

I would expect from Ugandan artistes is to be more objective in demanding for justice in respect to the loss of Radio and also to task the police to tell us the status on cases which involved the death of Weatherman, Danz Kumapeesa, Dizzy Nuts, and AK 47 among others.

For now, it’s like musicians have missed the point. And asking them to refocus this discussion is not asking too much of them. Kasuku is not one of the big problems of the music industry. Actually he is a mirror in which artistes need themselves for their assessment.

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