Dear Hon. I hope this finds you in perfect health. With all due respect I would like to express my concern both as a voter from Igara and as a concerned citizen of Ugandan.

The people of Igara having sent you to Parliament, you decide to betray us by accepting to undertake a task too heavy for the likes of Kahinda , Gen E. Tumwiine and such NRM Historicals not because you are the strongest,but because for them they are real Generals, they know when to attack, when to retreat and when to send amateurs .

Mzee William Mukaira warned you of personal responsibility for any bloodshed as a result of your motion. It has not taken long a youth has lost his life and some humble family in Rukungiri is mourning.

Historicals are well protected and their special forces are waiting for any order to clear what the police leaves behind. I imagine you are the most happy man as you sit in your living room watching TV as patriotic Ugandans are humiliated and killed in the defence of their constitution.

Maybe I will have a chance to meet you for a face to face conversation.

Rev . Francis Mutambi. Igara East.