By Frank M.Gashumba

The current rate of extravagancy in this Country,is a clear indication that we don’t have leaders, instead we are having rulers: For the last seven years, this’ what I have been telling innocent Ugandans. Government of Uganda is intending to borrow billions of money to pay salaries of technocrats and politicians but of What value do they add to our economy? With the current biting poverty levels, what these rulers have mastered most,is to live a life of royals of Saudi Arabia.

Recently,Government spent over sh150b on the life presidency project. As if that is not enough, the speaker of Parliament now wants a personalized would think there are regional Parliaments upcountry that require her to fly. The ‘king’of Uganda, General Museveni has a fleet of cars amounting to over 50!!
State house alone receives sh 300m every month in addition to sh 90b in donations to President Museveni annually.

He has over 120 Presidential advisers who are being paid by tax payers and recently he told religious leaders that he doesn’t need anyone to guide him on how to rule Uganda. It is believed that these presidential advisers only see him on TV.

NRM MPs that supported the life Presidency project each was promised sh 200m, out of which sh 160m has been paid to them off tax payers money. Again two police officers have been assigned to these MPs for their security on tax payers money.

Top Generals in the army, senior police officers, Ministers each has the latest land cruiser with a supportive car with a number of bodyguards; This’ all tax payers money!!!

The Governor Bank Of Uganda has the latest S- Class Mercedes Benz valued at sh1b.

His junior officers were given Mercedes Benz’s ML 4matic Model valued at sh 400m. Government technocrats and Members of Parliament are always flying business class as if they are air hostesses to global capitals to attend useless conferences that add no value to our Country.

Uganda has over 100 bogus Authorities which only benefit technocrats working with them.Their CEOs live like the Queens and Kings of Saudi Arabia;again tax payers money at it’s worst.

A case in point is National forestry Authority,which has just looked on as Mabira forest is being depleted and this is public knowledge.If NFA can not protect Mabira then what is its use?

Uganda has become a dumping ground for fake products with the existence of the Uganda National bureau of Standards.Does the country still need UNBS the answer is NO!

Do we still need the National Environment management Authority? The answer is NO! What NEMA has successfully done is to sell off everything that belongs to Ugandans.

Wetlands are no more but we have NEMA in place.

Uganda is not a poor country. It is simply mismanaged. A friend of mine who happens to be an ambassador of one of the European countries attached to Uganda, has a Nissan Pathfinder as his official car; model 2008.

One of the countries that fund our budget,is having it’s ambassador driving a 2009 car model,but we beggars who are always in European capitals begging for each and everything are having our technocrats driving the lastest SUVs. At this rate, Prayers alone can’t save uganda.

You the youth must stand up and demand what belongs to you: we must stop this madness and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to these fat cats.