By Moses Ntare

The just concluded LC1 elections were the worst elections ever. One that brewed hatred and shame to the electorates. It demeaned democracy, elevated mediocrity, insulted and embarrassed us all on just about every level imaginable.

It was doubly disappointing seeing your so called friends lining the back of your fellow contestant yet you’ve called him /them your friends for ages!
But all in all, a genuine person would either choose to be loved and opt out to vote or vote and then risk being compromised by your other friend you didn’t vote for.
However, these topics don’t matter when it comes to making a difference in the future of our local Councils.
A friend of mine who had contested for the LCI post Mr Musibaako Ronald of bushato LCI, Kagarama Parish, Bubare subcounty Rubanda district couldn’t hold his anger after losing.
“Byandiriire esente reero tibyakampa – aza na beene taata bandugamu “he said in runyankore Rukiga.  His words translated mean that” they (voters) ate my money and didn’t vote me, even my blood relatives? “
Another loser from kabale municipality ran after electorates with the intention of harming them after they got his money and didn’t vote him in broad day light.
Thus election that was dodged by many has brewed hatred than ever, Imagine your wife voting against you when everyone is watching!
I still wonder how the country failed to produce better voting options after 17 years – than voting by lining against any leader of your choice. I daresay that the issue of government saying that it lacked finance to conduct proper election wasn’t a convincing reason yet today and tomorrow they increase their (MPs) allowances, and buy themselves new vehicles.
They would gave rather postedoned these elections than choosing an election that would spread hatred and possible threats to the population.
This election is one of the worst elections ever witnessed. And morally, what a shame. I mean, there have been moments over the years that make you wonder how politicians (NRM party) can still proclaim that Uganda is steadily progressing to the middle income status when we still elect our leaders in such a way.
Pastor Fred told me he couldn’t vote because two members of his church had  contested for the same post, in the same LC1.