By Fortunate Ahimbisibwe

An opinion is like a tongue, every man has one. So, this is mine.
Most people in NRM have sinned; either they have been involved in some of organised crime; they have either stolen Government money or government property. Some have even murdered; either their girlfriends or political opponents.

They all get away with it, until their loyalty to the emperor is questioned. That is the case of former IGP Kale Kayihura. Kale was a known blue eyed big boy of the President until he became a threat to the Kingdom and its hierarchy.
In my opinion, KK is a victim of inheritance politics, anyone whose loyalty stops going to the emperor or starts looking elsewhere for the next President apart from Maj. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba will ultimately pay for their sins. That’s where KK finds himself now.

Kale successfully destroyed any potential successor to Museveni until he was nearly the only man standing. At some point, he must have thought the seat could be bequeathed to him, he should have known that the seat is reserved.
This is the method that Museveni is using to keep his cadres on a leash. Most of them have amassed illegal wealth that they can’t account for. The emperor knows all their transgressions (stealing and killing) and it’s what he uses to keep them in line. Its some kind of ransom because anyone who questions the emperor is reminded of their past and present sins.

Many of the NRM cadres have a rope around their necks; anyone who misbehaves will follow the same fate like Kale. Kale’s shabby treatment is a message to other cadres that if you become stubborn, we shall humiliate you or incarcerate you. M7 believes that If you cant control your dog, atleast put him on a leash.
You can do anything you like as long as you dont threaten the top seat.

There are many cases of cadres who can never go against M7 because they have criminal cases pending, only waiting for the day they will speak against M7.
Ministers who receive bribes and stash the money on accounts are reminded whenever they question the emperor. You remember the case of the Minister whose 5bn deposit in Crane Bank was reported. Amama Mbabazi was forced to negotiate because of similar circumstances, former VP Bukenya cried like a child until he changed his song in praise of the emperor.

Its only men like Gen. Mugisha Muntu, KB, Matembe, Tinyefuuza who can freely talk because they have no rope around their necks.

Whether Kale had a hand in all these crimes, including espionage, the murder of Kaweesi and others time will tell, but I reckon one cant commit all these crimes without the support or knowledge of his master.

what is clear is that his loyalty had changed and that is why he is in this situation. There are several cadres walking free on the streets even when they have done similar things but as long as they continue to praise the emperor, they are free men, and women.
In NRM, there is no good or bad…there is win or lose.