Until now, the TOGIKWATAKO trial has mostly heard expert and background testimony by way of affidavits. It’s therefore with great pleasure that I receive the news that the GIKWATEKO team has of all people applied to cross examine me…arguably, I stand as the biggest victim of the attack on Parliament by the SFC goons having lost three lumbers of my backbone now replaced by implants … the Attorney General’s team sought me out for cross examination with a plan to torture me further….first by making me travel with an aching back to Mbale and with a hope to tear me down, impeach my character and run away from the gruesome acts they meted on us…..Insensitive Christine Kahwa wants to use her cunning professional dishonesty (not medical expertise) to make the world believe that my back was never broken as she defends dictatorship.

Lawyer Christine Kahwa has lied to the court that am ever in court with her over my sickness after scuffles with the security…..the fact is that despite the numerous attacks on my life by this Government I have never taken them to court because am not in these battles to fetch compassion. Even this time (I) am yet to take them to Court and am only a witness in the current Petition, yet the truth of the matter is that I lost a Backbone and I was disabled for life… Your Lordships, I was gravely maimed that I can no longer put on even a knickers without assistance! And I will demonstrate and prove this fully in court even when it means undressing for you to see my scars…..Christine Kahwa was Bakaluba MUKASA and EC’s Lawyer when they stole my victory in 2006….she together with her clients lost the case miserably, how then can she lie to court that we meet very often in court over my battles with security organs.

She has taken it so personal to ask for my medical documents for eight years, I don’t know to prove what…if not stopped by their Lordship, who knows whether Kahwa would have asked for my parents medical documents, to show court that my condition is not hereditary or medical report of my husband to be sure that the broken back is not an STD…am happy the Court has over ruled her and this only marks the beginning of the losses she is to face in this matter.

Last year, I was brutally tortured and detained in inhuman conditions for hours at Kireka detention centre in pain. From the depths of the cells, from the depths of that madness as I went through different medical hands and facilities, I took an oath before God that if I got out alive, I would fight more for justice. I am convinced that if God allowed me to remain alive, it was to carry out this mission, in defence of constitutionalism for a country without constitutional culture is hell. And most of all, to prevent this from happening again….I have been handed an opportunity to further this struggle.

As I go to Mbale am struck by the powerful idea that thousands of Ugandans are watching and we are not there because the current Ugandan government wants us to take it there but because a group of brave Ugandans have fought to get Museveni there and we are not about to give up, until we bring this to a logical conclusion.

The writer is the Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality. The write up first appeared on her official facebook page; Mp Bakireke Nambooze