By Najibu Mulema
Over 3000 drivers and riders have been arrested since the launch of operation ‘fika salama’ on the Kampala- Masaka road.
The operation was launched in August this year following the rampant accidents that claimed several lives.
By mid October the traffic police had arrested 2600 road users and now the total has amounted to 3000 within a period of not more than a month.
The police director traffic and road safety,Stephen kasiima sats majority of these arrested were reckless motorists.He says the number of accidents have reduced along Masaka highway although he adds that many drivers have now decided to run
to the city ever since this operation was launched.
Yesterday in a way to boost the ‘fika salama’ operation,police launched another operation called ‘Tembeya Salama’ aimed at reducing accidents during this forthcoming festival seasom.