By Sarajoy Bakanansa

My dearest sister losing a loved one is never easy and also the task of playing the role of mother and father to 3 teenagers is not easy at all.

My dear your kids need you and you need them.

But after so much that has been said by Ivan’s dad, relatives and friends please be careful what you eat, drink during this period or who gives you what to eat and your children. This family hates you with a passion and they hate your children too. You can”t claim to love the children when you hate their mother.

Since they are more interested in the wealth ,please keep your children close and dont eat or drink anything from anyone unless you really trust them 1000%.

Am writing this from experience, my father was poisoned and on his burial they tried to poison my brother by giving him a piece of bread to forcefully eat it. He is the heir to my father. My father was poisoned by a friend but a relative tried to poison my brother (Am not saying ivan was poisoned).

We still love you, when someone hates you this much coz of wealth they can do anything to get rid of you.

Please whoever reads this, dont misquote me, all am saying Ivans family has already shown what they feel about Zari so be careful.

The world is full of evil, greedy people.

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