By Namugerwa Martha

Uganda’s twitter use ranking in the top 1000 countries improve to 51position has put the marketing sector in a fruitful position.

Uganda’s market online has proven to be the most convenient to the companies as well as people because an advert can reach out to trillions of people in just a minute.

Uganda is one of the top 100 countries that were ranked this month and the second in Africa coming after South Africa at number 29 and followed by Rwanda at number 91 in the global ranking.

Only three African countries are among the first 100 and Kenya is number 277.

Uganda has been improving gradually, in November 2016 it was ranked 120, December the same year number 69, January/ February 2017 it was ranked 54 and February/ March it has improved to number 51 global rank.

Uganda’s improvement has demonstrated that the country is improving in matters of social media use.

Uganda tourism and many companies have resorted to online marketing because it the fastest method with a wider coverage of viewers to advertise with.

The marketing in Uganda is simplified thus people using social media are the most beneficial.