1. We met during the International Uganda Cultural Fair, how did it go?

The Uganda International Cultural Fair was a big success, we had the Uganda community both local ang international exhibit their cultures in form if fashion, music, dance & drama, food, literature, poetry & legends among other things. The best local community cultural exhibitors were the Karamajongs, they did well in Fashion while the best International community Exhibitors were the Turkish, the had the best food exhibition
Green Hill Academy was the most well culturally aware primary school while Jinja SS was the best Secondary School in the School cultural quiz competitions. They both won school fees & a tour to Kidepo National park from our partners UTB.
Many families enjoy the totem exhibition ie we had the king of the jungle ” lion”, leopard etc. ofcourse the the kids cultural performances were amazing.

2. There seems to be so many events nowadays, where did the Cultural Fair idea come from?
The idea of the fair was for Perfect Events Ltd. We shared it with government partners ” Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development and Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife $ Antiquities. Through it’s arms of Uganda Museum and Uganda Tourism Board. They bought in and we executed under a public private partnership arrangement. Perfect Events however has other private partners with whom it executed this event with including the sponsors.

3. What else does your company Perfect Events do?
We organise and plan corporate events, do social media asset management for companies and product launches. Our main strength is developing creative concepts & identify partners to implement with. The next on calendar is the corporate Beach Soccer Xmas challenge scheduled for 10th December at Sports Beach Entebbe. We are organizing this on collaboration with uganda Beach Soccer Association

4. Talking of the Corporate Beach Soccer tournament, tell us more about it?
It gives Corporate/entrepreneurial brands/ community an opportunity to network, celebrate the long year business achievements, challenges and look forward to a better new year. It also seeks to show case Entebbe beaches as the best regional tourism destination, we shall have 50% hotel discounts from the hotels along the beach, this list will be shared by 30th sept. It also seeks to promote women at the corporate ladder , that’s why for every team of five, atleast 2 should be women.

5. What does the tournament add to Uganda’s sports, entertainment or tourism milieu?
This event seeks to boost domestic income through promoting regional and local tourism using beach soccer sport as a conduit. Ofcourse the entertainment sector is boosted as well, we shall have plenty of it both during the challenge at sports beach and at the award cocktail which will be at Protea hotel in Entebbe on the same day.

6. How did last year’s event go, and who took the day?
We had over 1,500 fans and 30 corporate teams. Riham won and took the bragging rights, they are set for this years challenge to defend their trophy. Should they win it three consecutive time then they retain it for good.

7. Why would companies be part of the tournament?
They need to showcase their brand solidarity, soccer is one of the best cultures that build solidarity among people if different backgrounds. Not only that it’s an opportunity for networking, celebrating one another achievements but also opening into new possibilities and opportunities that new networks bring along.

8. Who are your sponsors?
We work with partners, on this event- our partners are Uganda Beach Soccer Association, Club Twist, Watchdog & Fast Graphics.

9. Tell us about yourself and what motivates you to do these activities
I’m a young entrepreneur with special passion for empowering other young people who wish to be useful. I hope to be one of the great influencers of the community in the next five years at the family, economy, and social level.