By Stella Karakire

Lets not lie to ourselves, a short term relationship for example a one night stand can be so passionate mostly because you are given a fair chance to show how perfect a lover you can be.It is a new relationship and you both have got loads of expectations, lots of intrigue is involved, mystery, anticipation, all those fuzzy feelings you are experiencing and the adrenaline rush are all things that make this experience one of a kind.

And let’s not kid ourselves, this type of relationship happens to the best of us. No matter how principled or how long it takes you to say yes and finally give in, you will at one point meet that person that will make you feel like the search for the perfect lover is over.

Mistake number one in this kind of a relationship is involving your feelings and your heart in this kind of arrangement. Never involve yourself in a one night stand expecting to be loved or expecting to get a life partner. Its just for sex so go into it and have the best mind blowing sex you have had in a very long time, turn all your fantasies into reality, do things you never thought you would ever do and once its done fall back onto your bed with a very loud sigh of satisfaction, it was all worth it.