By Najibu Mulema

On Tuesday, the parliamentary committee on statutory authorities and state enterprises(COSASE) tasked five Chinese construction companies to refund over shs 31billion which was meant to compensate the affected people during the construction of various roads.

These companies were given shs47 b but they used about shs15bn to compensate some of the people and walked away with the balance.

It’s alleged that they used the money for their own good to the extent of transfering some of the money to China.

On Thursday the Chinese abided by the order and decided to refund some of the money to UNRA.

Four out of the five companies managed to refund shs26bn including the interest of shs 1.5bn which the companies had gained earlier from banks.

Abdul Katuntu, chairperson of COSASE confirmed that China railway 18th group, Zhongmei engineering, China railway group no.5 and Chongqing international construction made the payment.

China railway group no.3 is yet to pay back over shs 9bn since it didnt have enough money by the time other companies made the refund.

“They told us that they had compensated shs 15bn to the displaced people, I asked them to bring details so that we can confirm.”

However, the committee said it will not allow UNRA to give out money to construction companies again to compensate displaced people.