By Watchdog reporter

It seems Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has a hidden grumble with former European Union Ambassador to Uganda Kristian Schmidt according to the way he has ‘stage lined’ a venomous attack against him.

It all started when Schmidt went down on his twitter and stated, “Today, I handed my credentials to the president of Myanmar; Europe reaffirms its support for democratic transition and human rights for all,”

Kristian Schmidt

And from nowhere, Ofwono was already in the house to place his ridiculous response to the Ambassador saying his new appointment to Myanmar is a good riddance from Uganda and that he show never bother to come back to the pearl of Africa.

“Good riddance from Uganda, stay there,” he told Schmidt via twitter.

However, as usual, Ofwono’s comment has not gone well on his side after garnering all sorts of criticism from the general public.

Read some of the comments;

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