Fr. Lazar Arasu

The word ‘Pornography’ comes from communication/writings of prostitutes in ancient times in Greco-Roman territories.

The aim of pornography is targeting human mind so as to excite feelings to eroticism. All right thinking people believe that these media activities aim at making people to think about or act upon them in the way it is suggested. Human mind is sexual in nature. Unfortunately in matters of sexuality our human mind reacts more easily to perverted feelings than to upright feelings. Ill-motivated people or organisations try to capitalize on the weakness of human nature to make monetary gains or propagate their illicit ideologies. Through pornography they recruit like-minded people or even unsuspected people to their group or ideologies often related to sexual orientations.

Pornography develops along side of media. Like media they also develop different methods and means to appeal to people of different age, sex, social standards and it creates different levels of addiction. Mild Pornography could be through Radio, tabloid news papers; literature (even could be text books). This stage usually appeals to “new comers” in these matters. It excites the mind may lead to look for more of stronger content. At this stage it may not even create suspicion on the users. Strong Pornography could be an advanced stage of the same filthy content. As people who have tried in mild contents are given to curiosity to find more of the same. This usually has more visual appeal and gives rise greater imagination. The user tries to satisfy the one’s hidden sexual fantasies. When not arrested it may even lead the user to look for or satisfy in real life experience. When not helped to overcome it may lead to addiction or sexual perversion.

Finally, Hard Core pornography is an extreme portrayal of the filthy content. By now the user has already in an advance stage of addiction. He probably has tried the content in life experience. As an addictive habit it impels him to be feed on them on regular basis. The person may even spend his hard earned money on looking for or purchase of different kinds of pornography. Those in advance stages use it as a consequence or means to their perverted sexual behaviour.

In the recent times pornography is often accessed through the Internet, which seems to be very private, cheaper, and has wide range of forms. Through internet they come in the form of social media, videos, youtube, X-rated movies, and in prose.

The effects of pornography depends on the sensibility of the accesser, being hooked on. In children it deprives of their innocence and healthy childhood. They could be dramatised and lose interest in childhood activities and learning. Children often involve in these acts unaware of their evil contents, sinfulness and their consequences. Often times they are introduced to pornography and its related activities by close family members or adults in charge of them.

Often teen-agers are hooked into pornography through curiosity and experiment. This nature leads them to look for these unhealthy and immoral contents through peers or even adults. Young people of this stage tend to make unhealthy friends in their schools, become disrespectful to opposite sex, learn obscene language and express them in dress, body language and other ways of expression. When unchecked they lose interest in studies, their future, family life and healthy relationships.

In advance level it may lead to masturbation, they tend to try out pervasive sexual acts among their peers or even engage in commercial sex or cross-generational sex. Access to pornography and its impact on teen-agers makes them lose respect for their body and sacredness of human sexuality.

In Adults it begins to have adverse effect on spousal relationship and could lead to abusive relationship even towards children. Among them the hard core pornographic users spend their hard earned money on them. It is often possible that they are involved or likely to involve in other related acts sexual perversion such as homosexuality, paedophilia, incest, etc.

Women need special mention in the matters of pornography. It is a fact that women are more victims of pornography than users. Pornography uses them as sex objects and their bodies are used for commercial purposes. It is a known fact that women are protagonists in this multibillion dollar international business. It is through pornography women trafficking, sexual enslavement, organised prostitution, paedophilia industry, etc. In all this women become victims and endure life long suffering.

The Ghosts of Paolo and Francesca Appear to Dante and Virgil by Ary Scheffer (1855)

The Ghosts of Paolo and Francesca Appear to Dante and Virgil by Ary Scheffer (1855)

Fighting against this vice needs educational response involving government and civil organisations, religious groups and other basic units of society such as family. All religious attach sacredness to human body. It is important to capitalize on this basic religious belief. Pornography robs us of our very meaning of life, the true meaning of love, sacredness of our body and sexuality as against religious beliefs. Humanly speaking pornography demeans the human dignity of all its users (actors, vendors and the public). It leads to a world of fantasy and deceit.

  1. The clergy should educate the faithful, especially the young the true meaning of human sexuality as a gift of God and a gift to be used in a sacred manner.
  2. Through religious initiation children should be taught the holiness of human body and learning to respect and honour it.
  3. Through moral education in schools and churches children and young people should be guided to use media and means of communication in a mature way.
  4. Students in school and especially those in boarding sections should be monitored with more caution regarding the use and spread of pornographic materials among them.
  5. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Ethics and Integrity and other related government bodies should make awareness among students and young people the evils of pornography and the harm they can do to young minds.
  6. Parents should supervise children during holidays, by checking on their reading materials, means of entertainment, possession of materials, types of friends and their use of internet facilities.
  7. Parents and adults in families should set example to younger people at home by not bringing home or using pornographic materials in the presence of their children.
  8. Government through media council should be strict in formulating and enforcing laws to curtail publication and sale of pornographic materials, especially in the internet.
  9. Media houses should make laws to restrain the access of adult content magazines, videos and other materials to persons below 18 years of age.
  10. It is human, civil and religious duty of every mature adult to stop young people in accessing pornographic materials in moments of day to day life.

Rev. Fr. Lazar Arasu.