By Watchdog reporter

Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze doesn’t believe President Museveni’s son in law can lead a campaign to rejuvenate NRM.

Nambooze who was appearing on NBS on Wednesday night said Odrek Rwabogo cannot seriously be championing the renewal of NRM unless the president has set him up as a smokescreen to catch those who not loyal, otherwise, she warned the Milk Man entrepreneur of dire consequences of opposing the president’s plans.

Nambooze who was hosted by Kaggwa Njala together with Barbanas Tinkasimire, said Mr Museveni doesn’t tolerate dissent even if it comes from with his own family. Therefore, she said Mr Rwabogo will soon realize what people in the opposition go through to oppose the regime.

However, she said, if Rwabogo goes on writing and speaking change in the party, it will be clear he is on the mission to identify dissent in the party.