By Watchdog reporter

Odrek Rwabogo, an NRM ideologue is still unhappy with Charles Rwomushana for calling him names.

While appearing on NBS tv’s Face Off program on Sunday evening, Rwabogo told host Oscar Semweya Musoke that criticism of his work by people like Rwomushana was illegitimate.

Rwabogo, a son in law to the First Family, said he knows Rwomushana from way back at university, as a weak person and therefore he’s less concerned about his views.

“Rwomushana is an angry man”, Rwabogo said of his critique who he said has benefited more from the government since he left university than himself.

“He has been an MP, RDC, intelligence personnel, etc, I haven’t,” said Odrek, portraying Rwomushana as an ungrateful person.

Rwomushana further brushed off criticism from other NRM ideologues such as Morrison Rwakakamba and David Mafabi who say Rwabogo was getting NRM ideology upside down. The two accused Rwabogo of calling president Museveni a “strongman”, which has a negative connotation in Africa where strongmen are also said to be dictators.

When Oscar put it to him, Rwabogo wondered aloud if Rwakakamba and Mafabi loved Museveni more than him!

Rwabogo however said he cannot sit back as he sees his father in law’s party rot, and that was why he was diagnosing the problems which he publishes in newspapers and speaks about in town hall meetings.